This company fully recognises and abides by the legislation surrounding TUPE and if it became the case that this business is transferred to another or visa versa the company will follow the letter of the law.

The following will automatically be taken over by the new employer:

  • Contract of employment.
  • The rights and obligations arising from these contracts.
  • The rights and obligations arising from the relationship between the transferor and the employees working in that undertaking.
  • Any existing collective agreements.
  • Employees who are employed by the employer at the time of transfer.
  • Automatically become employees of the new employer, as if their contracts of employment were originally made with the new employer.
  • Have their service counted as continuous from the date of which employment commenced (with the first employer).
  • The company will cooperate fully in the exchange of information to provide a smooth transfer and also that they will assess the training needs and provide any training which may be identified within a reasonable timescale. This company will ensure that any such transition will occur with the minimum of disruption and inconvenience to employees.
  • Screening will be completed in full as per BS7858. Where appropriate, induction training will be given.