This strategy is to enable effective two-way communication with staff, stakeholders, the public and the media. The vision, therefore, is of an organisation that staff, stakeholders and the public are aware of, confident in and feel able to contribute to.

The Company will actively look to create a working culture where communications are:

  • Scheduled
  • Timely
  • Open Door
  • Appropriate
  • Clear

It is essential that we have a structured approach to internal and external communications, with common values messages. To enable us to achieve this, the Communications Strategy and its associated plans will be reviewed annually.

The Management will implement and lead this Strategy, however every member of the company are responsible to ensure that it is supported carried out.

Strategic aims

We are well prepared to handle the communications implications of key issues, maximising positive, accurate coverage and actively managing adverse publicity.

The company communicates at all times using easily understandable language that is free from industry jargon and abbreviations.

All staff are well informed about the work of the company and are empowered to voice their ideas, questions and concerns.

We are open, honest and transparent in the procedures it follows and the decisions it makes concerning the population and the workforce.

The public feel able to contribute appropriately to decisions about the services and policies which may impact them.

Suppliers and partners that work with the company are well informed of its activities and feel empowered to contribute as appropriate.