24/7 Euro Security is committed to promoting equal opportunities for all, irrespective of colour, race, religion or belief, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital/civil partnership status, sexuality, disability or age. We are committed to reflecting the diversity of the UK and to making its services accessible to all.

What is equal opportunity and diversity?

Equal opportunity is about complying with our legal obligations to provide equal access to opportunities and services for everyone. It is also about removing any barriers or discriminatory practices that may affect particular groups.

Diversity is a concept based on the principle that everyone is different in some way, and that taking an inclusive approach brings benefits and advantages. It is about recognising, respecting and valuing the differences that everyone has.

Responsibilities for equal opportunities and diversity

Everyone must ensure their own behaviour does not cause offence to others. Staff who have concerns or issues in relation to equal opportunities and diversity, are encouraged to raise this with their line manager. Other sources of advice and information can be obtained from HR.

Positive action

Positive discrimination is illegal but positive action can be taken in circumstances where certain groups are under-represented in particular areas of work. Examples of positive action to enable individuals to reach the required level to compete for jobs and promotion opportunities include, interview, management and assertiveness skills training.

Positive action can also consist of a wide range of outreach activities, open days, media awareness days, and job adverts designed to reach and encourage applicants from underrepresented groups.


We monitor equal opportunities information of the recruitment and selection process and current headcount. The purpose of monitoring data not only enables us to meet certain legal obligations, but enables us to set diversity targets and monitor the developments in meeting these targets.

Raising concerns

All staff are required to comply with the principles of this policy and to act in accordance with its objectives so as to remove any barriers to equal opportunity. Where staff raises an allegation of discrimination arising in the course of day-to-day working, the grievance procedure should be followed. All employees have a right to a working environment free from harassment. 24/7 Euro Security is opposed to harassment in any form and is committed to providing a workplace in which the dignity of individuals is respected.