The company is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and recognises that this can be put at risk by those who misuse alcohol and drugs to such an extent that it may affect their health, safety, performance, conduct and relationships at work. We offer our employees a free Employee Assistance Programme run by Health Assured which is a 24 hour freephone confidential telephone service to help any staff members with any personal issues they may have.

The policy which applies to all employees aims to:

  • Promote the health and well-being of employees and to minimise problems at work arising from the effect of alcohol and drugs.
  • Identify employees with possible problems relating to the effects of alcohol and drugs at an early stage.
  • Offer employees with alcohol or drug related problems which affect their work with a free referral to our Health Assured Employee Assistance Programme for diagnosis and treatment if necessary.


  • Alcohol or drugs (other than prescribed medication) should not be taken during work hours. Any employee identifying a person with an alcohol or drugs related problem should report the matter, in confidence to his/her supervisor or line manager.
  • The line manager or supervisor should refer the matter to the manager for consideration of counselling from an appropriate source for the affected person.
  • Persons who are, in the opinion of their manager, incapable of performing their normal duties through the consumption of either alcohol or drugs, could be prohibited from working and be sent home. This applies to persons who report to work having previously consumed alcohol or drugs. A manager should then consider the possibility of further disciplinary action.
  • Anyone suspected to be trafficking in drugs will be promptly reported to the police.

Safe systems of work

The effects of alcohol or drugs at work can create serious risks to health and safety. Therefore the following rules will apply and should be adhered to, and employees:

  • Shall not be permitted to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs./li>
  • Shall not be allowed to bring alcohol or non-prescribed drugs on to company premises
  • Shall not be allowed to drive or operate machinery if affected by the influence of alcohol or drugs.