Our commitment to the environment

24/7 Euro Security will promote awareness of the need to protect the environment, by implementing a policy to all its employees. 24/7 Euro Security will ensure that all company activities comply with all relevant environmental regulations.

We will avoid waste by

  • Reducing the production of waste material, including unnecessary packaging when we forward information or equipment, including returns.
  • Encouraging the re-usage of re-usable materials.
  • Disposing of waste in a safe and responsible manner.

We will ensure that water and energy are not wasted by

  • Ensuring energy is used only where necessary. It will be used efficiently, and its use will be reduced where possible.
  • Preventing pollutants entering our drainage system.
  • Using water wisely and efficiently.

Materials and resources

  • We will maximise the amount of recycled paper and other materials from sustainable sources.
  • We will utilise and rely more on electronic communications where the opportunity exists.
  • We will purchase products with the principle and policy of using materials in a sustainable way.
  • We will have a major emphasis on purchasing locally made goods to support our business.
  • We will purchase equipment with an emphasis on long term usage.


  • We shall avoid unnecessary travel during the course of our business by encouraging the sharing of transport, as well as making all employees and Managers aware of Public Transport that is available.
  • We will monitor this policy and match our progress to our statement of intent on protecting our environment.