247 Euro Security has a duty of care to protect employees from risks to their health and safety to this end the company has provided:

  • Good physical working conditions.
  • New shift systems resulting in reduced sickness.
  • Health and safety standards that are rigorously maintained.
  • New starters are given sufficient training and receive particular attention during the initial period of their work
  • The prevailing ethos is one of team work.

The company recognises that there are certain issues to be addressed and these key points are:-


Absence records will be kept separate from sickness records – a woman attending regular antenatal classes should not initiate a 'trigger point' in the same way as someone with a regular sickness absence.


We are legally required under the disability discrimination act 1995 to make responsible adjustments to enable a disabled person to continue working.

Data Protection

If it becomes necessary for the company to see an employee’s medical record written permission will have to be obtained.

Health and Safety

We have a duty under health and safety law to undertake a risk assessment of employee’s activities to prevent harm to people.

Discipline and Dismissal

The Company follows the legislation introduced on 01-10-05 regarding disciplinary matters.

Gender Identity Issues

We recognise 'Gender Dysphoria' and any person who undertakes the personal, social and medical transition to live in the gender identity of their personal conviction. The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 places certain responsibilities on employers and this company will take heed and notice of this legislation and the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

If any employee falls within the above framework of 'Gender Dysphoria' the company will be sympathetic, supportive and ensure that the individual will not suffer any victimisation and harassment.