The Private Security Industry Act 2001 has brought into force a licensing system for people working in the private security industry.

This law aims to raise standards in training and professionalism and prevent unsuitable people working within the industry.

To this end the company will ensure that all our Security Officers have the necessary training qualifications before being allowed to work.

The required qualification is the Level 2 National Certificate for Security Officer. This will be delivered by an SIA endorsed Awarding Bodies.

A recognised company will train successful new employees to industry standard.

The company will keep a record of the employees’ qualification in personnel files as proof of completion of training.

The company will also keep a copy of the employees’ SIA badges as proof of acceptance to work in the relevant sectors of the industry.

To develop further an employee can undergo training in other aspects of security – leadership, first aid, etc - the company encourages personal development and will give help and advice when necessary.